Your Sexless Marriage Solution

About 20% of all married couples are living in a sexless marriage. This is a lot of people who don’t have no sex in their marriage and it’s a bigger problem than you might think.


A sexless marriage doesn’t have to be no sex at all, it can mean little to no sex. In some marriages, the couples have sex but not enough, and it may be every once in a while. Or it can be something like less than 20 times a year. That’s not even once a week. There are no rules as to how many times you should have sex, but we know it should be more than 20 times a year for a healthy marriage. And if you think you’re not getting the love making you need, you may be in a marriage with lack of sex.

It is very important to find a solution to your sexless marriage as soon as it begins. Now I’m gonna give you a hint, if you go more than a few weeks without intimacy, you may be headed to becoming a part of the no sex statistics.

First you need to identify the possible problems, in a previous post, I talk about some reasons. Here are some more:

·         Fear of job loss
·         Lots of stress
·         Medicine
·         Health problems
·         Not eating the right foods
·         Restless
·         Children
·         Unemployment
·         Financial issues
·         Communication

Once you find out the problem, you will be able to find your sexless marriage solution. Off all these problems, communication seems to big one of the biggest issues. It takes both of you guys to improve on your communications skills. So it’s up to you to make it happen. How do you do that, get rid of all the distractions, turn off the TV, get off the computer, phone, and stop doing whatever you are doing and have some husband and wife time. If you have children, send them to their rooms or to bed if it is nighttime and talk. Forget your stress for a moment. Talk about your day, get off of Facebook for a while, and stop texting. 

Cuddle, get naked, take a shower together, lie down and gaze into each others eyes and indulge in a passionate kiss. Touch each other. Massage one another.  This is your solution to cure your sexless marriage.

This will lead to passionate love making. If not, you need to seek some professional help and quickly, because you don’t lack of sex to destroy your marriage.

You will have to invest sometime in your marriage to avoid disaster. Always make time for each other. Children need you, I know, but what happens when the kids are grown and gone with their lives. You don’t want to be two bitter married or divorced folks do you? Ok then, you have to be happy to be good parents anyway, so focus on your happiness. It’s not fair to your kids to see you stressed, unhappy and unsatisfied all the time. 

Take your time with your spouse. Don’t rush through foreplay, take it slow and easy and increase the pleasure. After you’ve had enough foreplay, make love. Take your time with that also. Keep going until you can’t go anymore. This is your sexless marriage solution right here. Just think about how you love chocolate, think of your spouse in the same way. Not the best example but it’ll do. Go ahead take the whole night and make hot sweet love to one another. 

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