How To Heal A Low Sex Marriage

If you are in a no or low sex marriage, it could take some time for it to heal. These are a few tips on how you can help to heal a low sex marriage.

  • Work on spending more time making love. The more you have sex with your partner, the better the chances of you not having a sexless marriage in the first place. If you communicate more with each other sexually, this will become easier to do over time.
  • Shake things up. Have sex at the spur of the moment. Take a nice long shower together and play with one another. Build a spa area in your private back yard where no one can see or have access to and spend some quality time to yourselves. Try something new and use your imagination. 
  • Listen to love songs together. This can be a great way to connect with one another and bring back old memories the two of you have.
  • Write love poems to one another or love notes. Tell your each other what you want to do to one another in the letter.
  • Play a game where the loser has to take off a piece of clothing until one of you loses.
  • Spend the day not worrying about anything but the two of you. 
  • Plan a date 1-2 times a week. Go out and have a night out just the two of you. Have a dressing contest where the two of you try to impress one another. Isn't this what you did when you first met?
  • Rediscover what attracted you to your spouse. What was the one thing that you thought was sexy about your partner? Both of you need to write this on paper and share it with each other.
  • If you or your partner has a low sex drive, you may need to seek help from your doctor to solve the problem. 

As I said earlier, it can take time to heal a low sex marriage. If your marriage is important to you, you'll have to take action and do the best you can to save it. Put your energy into making your marriage work. It is completely up to you to find the sexless marriage solution or else it can get worse or end in a divorce. 

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