My Spouse Won't Have Sex With Me

Do you feel like your spouse neglected you? Do you feel that cheating is the answer? You may feel like giving up on your marriage, but before you do that make sure you check out this article. 

Why Won't My Spouse Have Sex With Me

We had a question recently from an obviously upset reader who simply asked “why won’t my spouse have sex with me”. Well obviously, suspicions start to mount up pretty quickly that it could be because they are having an affair but when giving advice you don’t hit them with it right away.
However, the truth is, many couples will go without sex in marriage and in many cases, it’s due to one having a health condition. But when both people are healthy with no apparent drawback, do you think a sexless marriage is normal? Probably not.
We came across the same question at and thought the response was a little tough but fair. The reader says he hasn’t has sex with his wife for at least six years which is a real worry but is asking if he should satisfy his sexual desires elsewhere?
How would you answer this? Someone says their spouse won’t have sex with them and you want to satisfy your needs elsewhere. Tough one isn’t it? Read More Here
See cheating is not the answer when your spouse won't have sex with you. It will only complicate your marriage more and if you want to have the chance to save your marriage, you need to make sure you don't do anything to further jeopardize your marriage. It is best to get some advice and possible some professional help quickly. Whatever you do please don't make matters worse. If your spouse won't agree on getting help, you do it alone. Seek the help in the best possible way because if you don't their will be no sex in your marriage. 

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