Chris O'Dowd Wants A Sexless Marriage WOW!

While many couples are struggling with a sexless marriage, one celebrity looks forward to having one. Chris O'Dowd says he looks forward to having a sexless marriage. He is currently engaged to be married to British TV personality Dawn Porter.

Read his thoughts on a sexless marriage:

"You don't have to f-ck all the time to have a great relationship," O'Dowd, 32, joked to New York Magazine's Vulture. "I'm really looking forward to having less and less sex. That's really what I'm looking forward to. I don't like to be too happy." Read the rest of what he says here.

All I can say is wow! But some people are happy with a sexless marriage. If you hate your lack of intimacy, there is hope. Read my post on sexless marriage solution.

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