How Has Withholding Sex Affect Your Relationship

A sexless relationship can take a toll on many marriages. You need to determine if withholding sex is affecting your marriage. Read the signs below:

How Has Withholding Sex Affected Your Relationship

Probably the easiest behaviour to measure in Intimacy Anorexia (IA) is the withholding of sex. I often see couples who have been married for years yet have not had sex in months, sometimes years, and even sleep in different rooms. The way the withholding plays out is that one spouse consistently finds ways to avoid sex, sabotage it, or not be emotionally connected when they do have sex. Unless there are medical or health reasons, regular sex should be a part of every healthy marriage. Here are some of the ways you know if you or your partner is withholding in your sexual relationship:
1. During sex you feel as though the other person is not "into it" and are simply going through the motions out of duty.
2. You do not speak or look your partner in their eyes during sex.
3. During sex you are thinking about someone else or about other things to do.
4. You fantasize about porn or sexualize another person while you are with your partner.
5. You act as if you dread sex.
6. You hurry your partner to get it over with.
7. After sex you leave your spouse emotionally or physically.  

If your mind is not on your spouse, your marriage can be in jeopardy. You need to get this squared away and talk with your partner. A sexless marriage is on of the main reasons marriages are destroyed. Some people even go crazy if they don’t get satisfied sexually. Do what you need to do to fix your sexless marriage and if need be seek professional help. 

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