Use Sex To Cure Your Marriage: It's Good For You

Sex is already good for your body so why not use sex to cure your marriage. It can help you to rekindle the spark between the two of you but it also provides great health benefits. If your in a sexless marriage think of it like this: you can add more years to your life which means more years for you and your spouse to be together. Look below at the wonderful benefits you get from making passionate love:
  1. Sex relieves you of stress. If stress is the reason why you are in a sexless marriage, why not do it anyway. After you spend some time under the sheets with your honey, you can feel better about your situation. After a long hard day at work meeting strict deadlines, you should just go home and initiate it yourself. You and your spouse will be closer.
  2. Sex helps your self esteem. Low self esteem can come from not having sex and if this is your reason for not having sex with your partner, you'll only make matters worse. Share your feeling with your partner and they will reassure you that you still look good, and you are the same person they feel in love with. Have some passionate fun with your partner and see how high your self esteem will soar.
  3. Sex improves your marriage. The closeness you'll share with your partner during sex will draw the two of you closer and increase the intimacy in your marriage. 
  4. Sex helps you to get a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you to be cranky and stressed, but stress can be caused by lack of sleep. Why not have more sex with your mate and cure both problems with one stone. 
  5. Sex helps the love for your partner to grow. The closeness from the sex it's self will make the love between the two of you grow. Hormones plays a factor in this.
  6. Sex helps your blood flow and it's good for your heart. Ok, so stress can cause your heart to overwork it's self and stress can cause heart attacks. Why not have sex with your partner and improve both of your hearts. You'll just love each other more. 
Sex has a whole lot of benefits and it can be the sexless marriage solution to your problems. But the best solutions, just do it. Stop thinking about everything else and do the darn thing. You can cure your own sexless marriage. 

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