Is Your Sexless Marriage Affecting Your Children

When living in a sexless marriage it can affect all your close relationships, including your children. It is very important that your sexless marriage not damage their development. Children’s first education is at home and this is the first place they learn about love. If your kids don’t see that their parents love each other it can leave a lasting negative impression on their minds and they may have a hard time understanding what love is. They may even feel that you as a parent don’t love them.

What can you do about this situation? Let your children see that the two of you love each other. Now I’m not trying to get all gushy when I say this, but they need to see both of you showing affection towards one another, you know the normal stuff. A hug or a kiss on the cheek; children should also see you all getting along with one another. When children grow up in a household where their parents are showing love and affection, they tend to grow up knowing they are loved and when they get into their own relationships they will know what is normal. If you are cuddling with your husband or wife and the children see this, they will also know they have a stable home life and happy parents. If the parents aren’t happy, more than likely the children won’t be either.

Also if the parents aren’t happy, children will not get the love and affection they need from both parents. Kids are affected from a young age from what they see at home. If parents fight all the time, kids will more than likely believe that violence is the way to solve all problems. Or they will pass this on the next generation and cause a horrible chain reaction. Kids don’t need to see negative behavior from their parents ever, so don’t put your marriage problems in front of your children. They need structure, security, and love. In order to achieve that you will need to work on improving your marriage and getting the sex and intimacy back in your relationship.