How to Survive In a Sexless Marriage

These days it can be hard to survive in a sexless marriage because of the things people say and what you see on TV. People look at sex as being something more than a symbol of affection and love. But the best thing to do is not let what outsiders think bother you as it can make the situation worst.

Is there a secret to being happy in a sexless marriage?

There was research that was done that says there are some married people who remain celibate but not that many. Most people can’t deal with being married and being celibate.  

Most of the reason people get married is because they love each other, they found their soul mate, sex, and to show their love and affection just between each other and no one else.


Although a sexless marriage can be happy for a few people, there is more to a marriage besides sex and to make sure intimacy is awesome between the two of you, everything needs to be working together. What I mean is each of you need to be on the same page. Do you hug and kiss each other before you start your day? Do you look good for one another? Is the communication great? All of these things can have a factor on why you have a sexless marriage.

There could be stress, emotional, and traumatizing reasons as well.  A person who recently went through a horrible event may not have sex on their mind. This is when the two of you should come together and be there for one another. This will bring you all closer and spark up a great mood.

Here’s the great news, if you are in a sexless marriage, the situation can be corrected and sex can be brought back into your life. Couples are experiencing that daily and you can too.

Make sure that your whole marriage is on track in every area. This is important. Doing the right things are vital in the first place because marriage always takes work.

Read this article below and make sure your marriage is on the right track.  If not, you should concentrate on these problems and you will experience the best sex you have ever had.

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