How to Spice Up Your Sexless Marriage

Let's talk about how you can spice up your sexless marriage. One of the main reasons you could have a sexless marriage, one or both of your isn't turned on. It may even be boring. Well you got to be turned on by your spouse if you want to cure lack of intimacy. Here's what you can do....


Dress yourself up for your spouse.

Now this is one of the most important things you can do to turn your partner on. If you're a woman, you should buy some sexy lacy bras and cute undies. Be creative. Sometimes you can find nice sexy lingerie for sell. Get you a few different ones and greet your husband at the door. You can also dress up as a nurse and play "doctor" on your man. Put him in a nice bubble bath with a nice tasty drink. Feed him strawberries. Give him a massage with some sexy smelling lotion. This is a sure fire way to get your man in the mood.

If you're a man, you need to take care of yourself too. You want your wife to look good don't you? Doesn't she want the same?  Workout and keep a fresh hair cut and shave. You should also dress good in the bed room. Keep your body on point, take care of your skin. Wear a nice sexy t-shirt and boxer shorts or underwear. Better yet you could be naked sometimes while you wait on your wife to come home, if it is just the two of you living together.

Make it fun and exciting.

Play some soft instrumental music or whatever you like and touch each other. Women, learn to be sexy before you and your husband make love. Put on a show for your man and tease him, leaving him hungry for more. Men tease your wife, put on a show for her. Do something different rather than make it the same ole routine. Make your bedroom experience unpredictable.

Doing these things will be sure to spice up your sexless marriage. It takes work to make a marriage everything you want it to be. Remember this ins't some Hollywood movie or fairy tale where everything is going to be perfect. You live in the real world but that doesn't mean you can't make your marriage fun and full of love and love making. Both of you have to work together as the team you are to spice up your sexless marriage and to save your marriage from destruction.

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