Lack Of Sex Can Destroy A Marriage

Lack of sex is a big challenge to overcome for married couples. Lack of intimacy in a marriage can even destroy it. But this problem does not have to be the end of it all.

Dealing with a sexless marriage takes much patience from both people if you want your marriage to work. Being married means accepting everything about your spouse, flaws, dirty draws, everything. It’s a package deal. Nobody is perfect, not even you. But it can be hard to deal with your spouse rejecting you for sex.

Getting to the bottom of the reason why your husband or wife is rejecting making love is important. The most important thing for you to do is not to walk out on your lover, unless the person is cheating on you and lying. But don’t ignore the problem either.

If the problem is too much for the two of you to handle, then you need to consult with a counselor. You don’t want this problem to get out of hand. This can lead to a big disaster and surely destroy your marriage. Most people don’t want to stay in a marriage when there’s lack of sex. But you have to try and find the reason. It may not even be due to problems, it can be due to health reasons.  

Bottom line, don’t let this problem divide your marriage, please try and do all you can to save your marriage and put the sex back in your love lives. 

Lack of Sex Can Destroy Relationships

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