Chris O'Dowd Wants A Sexless Marriage WOW!

While many couples are struggling with a sexless marriage, one celebrity looks forward to having one. Chris O'Dowd says he looks forward to having a sexless marriage. He is currently engaged to be married to British TV personality Dawn Porter.

Read his thoughts on a sexless marriage:

"You don't have to f-ck all the time to have a great relationship," O'Dowd, 32, joked to New York Magazine's Vulture. "I'm really looking forward to having less and less sex. That's really what I'm looking forward to. I don't like to be too happy." Read the rest of what he says here.

All I can say is wow! But some people are happy with a sexless marriage. If you hate your lack of intimacy, there is hope. Read my post on sexless marriage solution.

Is Angelina Jolie Really Engaged to Brad Pitt News

Q: Is Angelina Jolie Really Engaged to Brad Pitt
A: Yes

For years the two of them have been in the media for their relationship among others things and finally the moment has come. They are engaged to be married. Here is the news:

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Marriage: They're Engaged, But Is The Pressure Really Off?

Huffington Post
By: Natasha Burton

This is it, folks -- the moment we've all been waiting for. This week, Angelina Jolie was spotted in what sources believed to be an engagement ring custom designed by Brad Pitt, and now the couple have confirmed that they will, "finally," some people are putting it, get married.

I have to say that I was pretty skeptical when the news broke today. Tabloid covers and celebrity gossip websites have been speculating on the couple's will-they-or-won't-they factor since 2005, despite the fact that the pair remained tight-lipped about their relationship until Jolie announced to People that she was pregnant with Pitt's child in January 2006. The coverage of their coupledom has been relentless, from the birth and adoptions of their children, to the suggestion that Jolie and Pitt's ex Jennifer Aniston are engaged in some kind of catfight to see who makes it down the aisle first. Even the mere suggestion of possible nuptials makes headlines, as was the case this January, when Pitt vaguely commented that he "would like to marry" Jolie.

Jolie is, I imagine, far too cool and self-assured to even bat an eye at those tabloid covers or make note of the attention lavished on her relationship with Pitt. But could a mere mortal keep her cool in the face of constant marriage pressure? If I were to see a litany of magazine covers bearing a paparazzi photo of me and my boyfriend accompanied by the blaring headline, ENGAGED -- when we are certainly not -- the barrage of pressure would weigh on me. I'm weak-minded when it comes to marriage: I'd start to wonder why we weren't engaged yet. Which would lead me to decide that something must therefore be wrong with me or our relationship. And, before you know it, my boyfriend would come home from work, I'd pick a fight and then he'd really never want to marry me.  Read More

There is hope for everyone to get married someday and there is hope to save marriages and relationships. It is very good news that Angelina Jolie is engaged to Brad Pitt. I'm happy for these two.

Sexless Marriage: Why Are Too Many Spouse Losing Sex Interest?

If you are in a no sex marriage, you are not alone. Sexless marriage is more common than you may think. With  the increase stresses of paying bills, meeting strict deadlines on the job, problems with children, an ill relative, and other issues, sex is often the last thing on someone's mind. It's not wonder why people are losing interest in sex with their spouse. But it may also be because, a person may no longer be attracted to their spouse. Yes this can definitely happen.   Read what Donna Flagg has to say about sexless marriage:

Why is it that love and sex are so often at odds? Or, is the issue rather that losing interest in sex has something to do with marriage? Because, if I hear one more married guy matter-of-factly justify sniffing out other women with, "I'm not attracted to my wife," or have one more woman scrunch up her face and say, "Ew, no," at the mere mention of sex with her husband, I don't know if I will be able to resist my urge to ask why not.   

Sexless marriage is no longer a taboo topic or one that lurks in the shadows as it once had. Articles, studies, books and forums are popping up everywhere and we are learning that it is not an uncommon occurrence at all. But which comes first, the proverbial chicken or the egg? Is the marriage sexless because it lacks love or is the reverse true? Does the absence of one cause the disintegration of the other?  Or, have we simply misunderstood the relationship between sex and love by expecting them to go hand in hand? Surely, many married couples love one another that do not have sex, while others no doubt have sex in the absence of love. Cause and effect in either direction is difficult to establish. But, I think it is safe to say that marriage = love = sex is not a given. Not by any stretch. We only have to note reality to see how true a statement that is.

Often, the stress of marriage is blamed. That's probably the first clue. What stress? People long for relationships to enhance their lives, to love and be loved, to learn, to share and to grow. I mean, after all, it's love. It should feel good. So what's with the stress? Is it actually the reason or is it a symptom reflecting a deeper root cause? Because really, shouldn't sex and love reduce life's stresses rather than add to them? Maybe the problem is with the social construct of marriage itself. There are so many rules, so many ways you "have to be," so many pretenses attached, is it any wonder that the roles forced upon husband and wife cause one to lose his/her appeal after awhile? If you're acting out "happily ever after," unhappily, it's just not sexy. Read The Original Article Here

People have different views on marriage and some people think that getting married will further complicate things. I feel that people should get married rather than just sleep with different people, but I also think people need to talk about what if issues before they get married. Married people need to always spice things up and make sure they keep their spouse happy. One of the reasons we get married is to have sex and share the love we have for each other, a special kind of love that is only shared between just the two of you. If you are having a problem and you're in a sexless marriage, you need to get help or seek the advice from a professional. The problem needs to be resolve as quickly as possible. The solution to a sexless marriage can be found and once solved, both need to work hard to keep the sex in the marriage. 

My Spouse Won't Have Sex With Me

Do you feel like your spouse neglected you? Do you feel that cheating is the answer? You may feel like giving up on your marriage, but before you do that make sure you check out this article. 

Why Won't My Spouse Have Sex With Me

We had a question recently from an obviously upset reader who simply asked “why won’t my spouse have sex with me”. Well obviously, suspicions start to mount up pretty quickly that it could be because they are having an affair but when giving advice you don’t hit them with it right away.
However, the truth is, many couples will go without sex in marriage and in many cases, it’s due to one having a health condition. But when both people are healthy with no apparent drawback, do you think a sexless marriage is normal? Probably not.
We came across the same question at and thought the response was a little tough but fair. The reader says he hasn’t has sex with his wife for at least six years which is a real worry but is asking if he should satisfy his sexual desires elsewhere?
How would you answer this? Someone says their spouse won’t have sex with them and you want to satisfy your needs elsewhere. Tough one isn’t it? Read More Here
See cheating is not the answer when your spouse won't have sex with you. It will only complicate your marriage more and if you want to have the chance to save your marriage, you need to make sure you don't do anything to further jeopardize your marriage. It is best to get some advice and possible some professional help quickly. Whatever you do please don't make matters worse. If your spouse won't agree on getting help, you do it alone. Seek the help in the best possible way because if you don't their will be no sex in your marriage. 

Use Sex To Cure Your Marriage: It's Good For You

Sex is already good for your body so why not use sex to cure your marriage. It can help you to rekindle the spark between the two of you but it also provides great health benefits. If your in a sexless marriage think of it like this: you can add more years to your life which means more years for you and your spouse to be together. Look below at the wonderful benefits you get from making passionate love:
  1. Sex relieves you of stress. If stress is the reason why you are in a sexless marriage, why not do it anyway. After you spend some time under the sheets with your honey, you can feel better about your situation. After a long hard day at work meeting strict deadlines, you should just go home and initiate it yourself. You and your spouse will be closer.
  2. Sex helps your self esteem. Low self esteem can come from not having sex and if this is your reason for not having sex with your partner, you'll only make matters worse. Share your feeling with your partner and they will reassure you that you still look good, and you are the same person they feel in love with. Have some passionate fun with your partner and see how high your self esteem will soar.
  3. Sex improves your marriage. The closeness you'll share with your partner during sex will draw the two of you closer and increase the intimacy in your marriage. 
  4. Sex helps you to get a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you to be cranky and stressed, but stress can be caused by lack of sleep. Why not have more sex with your mate and cure both problems with one stone. 
  5. Sex helps the love for your partner to grow. The closeness from the sex it's self will make the love between the two of you grow. Hormones plays a factor in this.
  6. Sex helps your blood flow and it's good for your heart. Ok, so stress can cause your heart to overwork it's self and stress can cause heart attacks. Why not have sex with your partner and improve both of your hearts. You'll just love each other more. 
Sex has a whole lot of benefits and it can be the sexless marriage solution to your problems. But the best solutions, just do it. Stop thinking about everything else and do the darn thing. You can cure your own sexless marriage. 

How To Heal A Low Sex Marriage

If you are in a no or low sex marriage, it could take some time for it to heal. These are a few tips on how you can help to heal a low sex marriage.

  • Work on spending more time making love. The more you have sex with your partner, the better the chances of you not having a sexless marriage in the first place. If you communicate more with each other sexually, this will become easier to do over time.
  • Shake things up. Have sex at the spur of the moment. Take a nice long shower together and play with one another. Build a spa area in your private back yard where no one can see or have access to and spend some quality time to yourselves. Try something new and use your imagination. 
  • Listen to love songs together. This can be a great way to connect with one another and bring back old memories the two of you have.
  • Write love poems to one another or love notes. Tell your each other what you want to do to one another in the letter.
  • Play a game where the loser has to take off a piece of clothing until one of you loses.
  • Spend the day not worrying about anything but the two of you. 
  • Plan a date 1-2 times a week. Go out and have a night out just the two of you. Have a dressing contest where the two of you try to impress one another. Isn't this what you did when you first met?
  • Rediscover what attracted you to your spouse. What was the one thing that you thought was sexy about your partner? Both of you need to write this on paper and share it with each other.
  • If you or your partner has a low sex drive, you may need to seek help from your doctor to solve the problem. 

As I said earlier, it can take time to heal a low sex marriage. If your marriage is important to you, you'll have to take action and do the best you can to save it. Put your energy into making your marriage work. It is completely up to you to find the sexless marriage solution or else it can get worse or end in a divorce. 

Low Self Esteem in a Sexless Marriage

If you are in a sexless marriage, chances are you have low self esteem. It is normal to feel this way, but your low self esteem can make matters worse. Being rejected by your partner can really hurt you and you start to think you're the problem. Then you start to blame yourself. This is not good. And if your spouse blames you or throw hints that it is your fault, this can put more of a strain on an already troubled marriage.

The best thing you can do is don't blame yourself. Make sure you are doing all you can do to support your partner. A sexless marriage is already in danger of getting worse, so you have to do all you can to remain positive and supportive. This may seem hard to do in this situation, but you have to focus on being positive. Talk to your spouse and listen to everything he or she has to say. Try to sort things out. 

Until then, you need to surround yourself around positive people who will support you while you sort things out with your marriage. You need to think about your positive qualities. Don't put your self down. You gotta keep a good attitude or there will be no hope for your marriage. Also work on giving more of yourself to your spouse. Remind your spouse that you love them and remember the way it was when your first started dating. Try to remain positive throughout the problems in your marriage. Struggling in a sexless marriage can take a toll on your personality and self esteem even more if you don't. 

How to Spice Up Your Sexless Marriage

Let's talk about how you can spice up your sexless marriage. One of the main reasons you could have a sexless marriage, one or both of your isn't turned on. It may even be boring. Well you got to be turned on by your spouse if you want to cure lack of intimacy. Here's what you can do....


Dress yourself up for your spouse.

Now this is one of the most important things you can do to turn your partner on. If you're a woman, you should buy some sexy lacy bras and cute undies. Be creative. Sometimes you can find nice sexy lingerie for sell. Get you a few different ones and greet your husband at the door. You can also dress up as a nurse and play "doctor" on your man. Put him in a nice bubble bath with a nice tasty drink. Feed him strawberries. Give him a massage with some sexy smelling lotion. This is a sure fire way to get your man in the mood.

If you're a man, you need to take care of yourself too. You want your wife to look good don't you? Doesn't she want the same?  Workout and keep a fresh hair cut and shave. You should also dress good in the bed room. Keep your body on point, take care of your skin. Wear a nice sexy t-shirt and boxer shorts or underwear. Better yet you could be naked sometimes while you wait on your wife to come home, if it is just the two of you living together.

Make it fun and exciting.

Play some soft instrumental music or whatever you like and touch each other. Women, learn to be sexy before you and your husband make love. Put on a show for your man and tease him, leaving him hungry for more. Men tease your wife, put on a show for her. Do something different rather than make it the same ole routine. Make your bedroom experience unpredictable.

Doing these things will be sure to spice up your sexless marriage. It takes work to make a marriage everything you want it to be. Remember this ins't some Hollywood movie or fairy tale where everything is going to be perfect. You live in the real world but that doesn't mean you can't make your marriage fun and full of love and love making. Both of you have to work together as the team you are to spice up your sexless marriage and to save your marriage from destruction.

How Has Withholding Sex Affect Your Relationship

A sexless relationship can take a toll on many marriages. You need to determine if withholding sex is affecting your marriage. Read the signs below:

How Has Withholding Sex Affected Your Relationship

Probably the easiest behaviour to measure in Intimacy Anorexia (IA) is the withholding of sex. I often see couples who have been married for years yet have not had sex in months, sometimes years, and even sleep in different rooms. The way the withholding plays out is that one spouse consistently finds ways to avoid sex, sabotage it, or not be emotionally connected when they do have sex. Unless there are medical or health reasons, regular sex should be a part of every healthy marriage. Here are some of the ways you know if you or your partner is withholding in your sexual relationship:
1. During sex you feel as though the other person is not "into it" and are simply going through the motions out of duty.
2. You do not speak or look your partner in their eyes during sex.
3. During sex you are thinking about someone else or about other things to do.
4. You fantasize about porn or sexualize another person while you are with your partner.
5. You act as if you dread sex.
6. You hurry your partner to get it over with.
7. After sex you leave your spouse emotionally or physically.  

If your mind is not on your spouse, your marriage can be in jeopardy. You need to get this squared away and talk with your partner. A sexless marriage is on of the main reasons marriages are destroyed. Some people even go crazy if they don’t get satisfied sexually. Do what you need to do to fix your sexless marriage and if need be seek professional help. 

Woman Punches Man For Withholding Sex

Sexless marriages and relationships have there share of problems. Some couples can fix their problems quickly some can't. Many people can't handle a sexless relationship. That was the case with a Florida woman. Take a look. 

Woman Punches Man For Not Having Sex With Her:
Huffington Post: By Andy Campbell

It was an extreme case of sexual frustration. Inez Nunez, 18, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face because he wouldn't have sex with her, NBC Miami reported.

On Tuesday, cops were called to her home in Coral Springs, Fla., for a domestic disturbance between Nunez and her live-in boyfriend. The man said that the two had been arguing, and Nunez socked him because he called her ugly and wouldn't sleep with her, according to WPTV.  Read Original Story 

See sexless marriages/relationships can take a toll on ya. 

No Romance In Marriage? Get It Back

Are you struggling with no romance and lack of sex in your marriage? Here are a few tips to help you put the romance back in your marriage.

From LetLifeIn, By Jason Rase                                                                                      

Both love and sex keep a relationship going. Love between two individuals cannot achieve fulfillment without sex and having sex with no feeling of love for your partner has no meaning at all. So, you have to keep both of them alive. How can you do that? Here are our suggestions:
1. Always make your spouse feel special. Keep on showering compliments on her looks and sexual charm. It will be quite rewarding for her if you tell her how beautiful she looks.
2. Surprise your partner by presenting flowers and other lovely gifts without any specific reason. These little things sometimes make a relationship worth continuing.
3. You two may have been together for several years, but don’t forget to take your spouse out for occasional dates. There’s seldom a better alternative than choosing an old place where you used to go often for a date. It will revive your salad days of courtship.
4. Make your dates as romantic as possible. You can light candles or play some melodious numbers in the background.
5. You can go for a long evening walk together. Don’t forget to hold hands while walking by the riverside or strolling through the country roads.
6. Jump into the bathtub with your beloved. Say cheers and sip glasses of wine while cuddling passionately in the tub. Having a shower together will be great to add some spice in your lives.
7. Regular physical contacts, may not be a sexual one, is necessary for leading a satisfying relationship. So, often touch and rub different body parts while relaxing. You can also massage each other with some aromatic oils.
8. Plant a goodbye kiss on his or her cheek while leaving for office. After returning home, greet your partner with a warm hug.
9. Sometimes, instead of going out, cook some homemade delicacies together and create a restaurant-like ambience at your home for having a romantic dinner, not to forget the flowers and candles!
10. Try to take some time out from your busy schedule to be with each other. Spending quality time together will make your bond stronger.
11. Be honest towards your work and never neglect your profession. Remember that if you are successful, your spouse will be the happiest person on the earth and the love for you will grow.
12. Help in making each other’s dreams come true. Try to understand your partner’s innermost desires, be it something personal or professional, and lend her a hand for realizing them.
13. Give each other the respect you both deserve because without mutual respect, love cannot sustain longer.
14. Both-way communication is required in any sort of relationship and in a marital one it becomes mandatory. Otherwise, how can you get a clear idea regarding the physical and emotional yearnings of your spouse? Love just flies out of the window if couples do not communicate in an intimate level. Read the original story here
Romance and intimacy is vital to any marriage. You can read more about your sexless marriage solution here. You can claim a sexy marriage full of rich romance starting now. 

Your Sexless Marriage Solution

About 20% of all married couples are living in a sexless marriage. This is a lot of people who don’t have no sex in their marriage and it’s a bigger problem than you might think.


A sexless marriage doesn’t have to be no sex at all, it can mean little to no sex. In some marriages, the couples have sex but not enough, and it may be every once in a while. Or it can be something like less than 20 times a year. That’s not even once a week. There are no rules as to how many times you should have sex, but we know it should be more than 20 times a year for a healthy marriage. And if you think you’re not getting the love making you need, you may be in a marriage with lack of sex.

It is very important to find a solution to your sexless marriage as soon as it begins. Now I’m gonna give you a hint, if you go more than a few weeks without intimacy, you may be headed to becoming a part of the no sex statistics.

First you need to identify the possible problems, in a previous post, I talk about some reasons. Here are some more:

·         Fear of job loss
·         Lots of stress
·         Medicine
·         Health problems
·         Not eating the right foods
·         Restless
·         Children
·         Unemployment
·         Financial issues
·         Communication

Once you find out the problem, you will be able to find your sexless marriage solution. Off all these problems, communication seems to big one of the biggest issues. It takes both of you guys to improve on your communications skills. So it’s up to you to make it happen. How do you do that, get rid of all the distractions, turn off the TV, get off the computer, phone, and stop doing whatever you are doing and have some husband and wife time. If you have children, send them to their rooms or to bed if it is nighttime and talk. Forget your stress for a moment. Talk about your day, get off of Facebook for a while, and stop texting. 

Cuddle, get naked, take a shower together, lie down and gaze into each others eyes and indulge in a passionate kiss. Touch each other. Massage one another.  This is your solution to cure your sexless marriage.

This will lead to passionate love making. If not, you need to seek some professional help and quickly, because you don’t lack of sex to destroy your marriage.

You will have to invest sometime in your marriage to avoid disaster. Always make time for each other. Children need you, I know, but what happens when the kids are grown and gone with their lives. You don’t want to be two bitter married or divorced folks do you? Ok then, you have to be happy to be good parents anyway, so focus on your happiness. It’s not fair to your kids to see you stressed, unhappy and unsatisfied all the time. 

Take your time with your spouse. Don’t rush through foreplay, take it slow and easy and increase the pleasure. After you’ve had enough foreplay, make love. Take your time with that also. Keep going until you can’t go anymore. This is your sexless marriage solution right here. Just think about how you love chocolate, think of your spouse in the same way. Not the best example but it’ll do. Go ahead take the whole night and make hot sweet love to one another. 

Improve Sexless Marriage



There are so many things that go on in our lives. We often forget what is most important. In this case, we are going to talk about how to improve your sexless marriage. If you are a man who deals with a woman who always says no to sex this can be difficult. The same for a woman, but it doesn't have to be. You can improve your sex life and it doesn't have to end in disaster

I’m going to discuss some ways that you can improve your sexless marriage now.

First what you need to do is make sex a priority in your life. If you put it at the top of your list, you will improve your sex life. Remember the time when you first met. The sparks were flying then, and they can still be flying now. You can’t stop doing what you did to get your lover in the first place. You have to work hard at improving your sex life and your marriage. The wedding was a great time but that is not the end of your work.

You know how you used to flirt with one another, continue to do that. Pretend you’re meeting for the first time and go on dates. Write love notes daily. Hide the note in your spouse’s brief case, surprise him or her. You gotta keep doing these things to keep the spark in your marriage. If you stop doing this, how can you ever improve your sexless marriage? That’s probably why the sex ended in the first place.

It’s also good to reminisce of the fun times you guys had together. Indulge in those times and create new memories. This will naturally help you to bring the sex back into your live.

Spice things up in the bedroom. Try new things. You don’t want your sex life to be boring, it should be something you should look forward to often. Your sex life shouldn’t be a chore it should be something special, wild and fun. 

Read this article for tips on how to improve your sex life.

Top 10: Tips For Better Sex

By: Jasmine Leigh

A good sex life takes time and effort to maintain. It won’t always be easy -- our busy lives are taxing and often leave us tired and devoid of the imagination and motivation required to keep up the pace. Having good sex doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours and hours of frolicking, it can be as simple as doing something a little different just for a change.

Women are cyclic creatures, and her sex drive will vary depending on her hormones and what’s going on in her life. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to get her hot and the same-old song and dance may not be enough. This applies to you too. 

Therefore, it's important to add a few more stimulating aspects to your sex life to keep things interesting.

Here are 10 tips for better sex, which should keep the two of you hot for some time to come.

8 Things Men Want Women To Do In Bed 

Contrary to popular belief, guys aren't satisfied with just getting laid. They want it to be good and exciting too. I know — sodemandingBut I aim to please and with that in mind, I convinced a couple of guys I know to confess what they really wish women did more of in the sack.1. Tell Him What To Do: Continue Reading...

Follow these incredible tips and you will improve your sexless marriage and the sparks will definitely fly like never before.

Lack Of Sex Can Destroy A Marriage

Lack of sex is a big challenge to overcome for married couples. Lack of intimacy in a marriage can even destroy it. But this problem does not have to be the end of it all.

Dealing with a sexless marriage takes much patience from both people if you want your marriage to work. Being married means accepting everything about your spouse, flaws, dirty draws, everything. It’s a package deal. Nobody is perfect, not even you. But it can be hard to deal with your spouse rejecting you for sex.

Getting to the bottom of the reason why your husband or wife is rejecting making love is important. The most important thing for you to do is not to walk out on your lover, unless the person is cheating on you and lying. But don’t ignore the problem either.

If the problem is too much for the two of you to handle, then you need to consult with a counselor. You don’t want this problem to get out of hand. This can lead to a big disaster and surely destroy your marriage. Most people don’t want to stay in a marriage when there’s lack of sex. But you have to try and find the reason. It may not even be due to problems, it can be due to health reasons.  

Bottom line, don’t let this problem divide your marriage, please try and do all you can to save your marriage and put the sex back in your love lives. 

Lack of Sex Can Destroy Relationships

What Causes Lack of Sex In Marriage

Many couples experience a lack of sex in their marriage every once in a while. But for a huge amount of people there are many reasons that can cause a lack in sex. People get tired, bored and stressed.


Childbirth can cause women to not feel sexy and she may be tired and may not feel that her marriage isn’t important. Even if you have children you still have to make time for your marriage or it will fail.

Work may also hinder some couples from having sex because of the time you get off, important things that demand your attention, and some folks just don’t think about it after they settled into their marriage.

Self esteem may play a factor. If a woman or a man don’t feel that they look good enough, or they may not like their figure or body shape. Also you got your arguments, misunderstandings, and affairs.

Sexless marriages happen over time and there could be hidden reasons why. You have to sort out the reasons.

The best thing you can do is communicate with each other and get to the bottom of the problem. You can’t just fix the surface and that’s it. Make time for sex, this is a must. I know having children, jobs, and other things can make you not have time but, you have to find time. Can you take at least one day out of the week where you and your spouse can spend sometime together? Many couple make time for one another and take care of their marriage.

Ladies, you have to put yourself first and make sure you are happy. If you are not happy, your children and husband won’t be happy either. Go to the gym and workout, get a manicure, and look good for your husband. Take some time for yourselves. You’re not being selfish by taking time for you. It would be selfish to be an unhappy mother to your kids and unhappy to your husband.

And you men take time off of work and take care of yourselves. Look good for your wife. Leave work at work at the end of the day and come home happy for your wife and kids.  

Each person has a part they have to do to make it work. One person can’t do it alone. You have to both work together to have a good marriage. Lack of sex in a marriage is more than just lack of sex; it is lack of other things as well.

FOXSexpert: 5 Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage

Read more:,2933,526463,00.html#ixzz1rZPLnVHR