No Romance In Marriage? Get It Back

Are you struggling with no romance and lack of sex in your marriage? Here are a few tips to help you put the romance back in your marriage.

From LetLifeIn, By Jason Rase                                                                                      

Both love and sex keep a relationship going. Love between two individuals cannot achieve fulfillment without sex and having sex with no feeling of love for your partner has no meaning at all. So, you have to keep both of them alive. How can you do that? Here are our suggestions:
1. Always make your spouse feel special. Keep on showering compliments on her looks and sexual charm. It will be quite rewarding for her if you tell her how beautiful she looks.
2. Surprise your partner by presenting flowers and other lovely gifts without any specific reason. These little things sometimes make a relationship worth continuing.
3. You two may have been together for several years, but don’t forget to take your spouse out for occasional dates. There’s seldom a better alternative than choosing an old place where you used to go often for a date. It will revive your salad days of courtship.
4. Make your dates as romantic as possible. You can light candles or play some melodious numbers in the background.
5. You can go for a long evening walk together. Don’t forget to hold hands while walking by the riverside or strolling through the country roads.
6. Jump into the bathtub with your beloved. Say cheers and sip glasses of wine while cuddling passionately in the tub. Having a shower together will be great to add some spice in your lives.
7. Regular physical contacts, may not be a sexual one, is necessary for leading a satisfying relationship. So, often touch and rub different body parts while relaxing. You can also massage each other with some aromatic oils.
8. Plant a goodbye kiss on his or her cheek while leaving for office. After returning home, greet your partner with a warm hug.
9. Sometimes, instead of going out, cook some homemade delicacies together and create a restaurant-like ambience at your home for having a romantic dinner, not to forget the flowers and candles!
10. Try to take some time out from your busy schedule to be with each other. Spending quality time together will make your bond stronger.
11. Be honest towards your work and never neglect your profession. Remember that if you are successful, your spouse will be the happiest person on the earth and the love for you will grow.
12. Help in making each other’s dreams come true. Try to understand your partner’s innermost desires, be it something personal or professional, and lend her a hand for realizing them.
13. Give each other the respect you both deserve because without mutual respect, love cannot sustain longer.
14. Both-way communication is required in any sort of relationship and in a marital one it becomes mandatory. Otherwise, how can you get a clear idea regarding the physical and emotional yearnings of your spouse? Love just flies out of the window if couples do not communicate in an intimate level. Read the original story here
Romance and intimacy is vital to any marriage. You can read more about your sexless marriage solution here. You can claim a sexy marriage full of rich romance starting now. 

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