What Causes Lack of Sex In Marriage

Many couples experience a lack of sex in their marriage every once in a while. But for a huge amount of people there are many reasons that can cause a lack in sex. People get tired, bored and stressed.


Childbirth can cause women to not feel sexy and she may be tired and may not feel that her marriage isn’t important. Even if you have children you still have to make time for your marriage or it will fail.

Work may also hinder some couples from having sex because of the time you get off, important things that demand your attention, and some folks just don’t think about it after they settled into their marriage.

Self esteem may play a factor. If a woman or a man don’t feel that they look good enough, or they may not like their figure or body shape. Also you got your arguments, misunderstandings, and affairs.

Sexless marriages happen over time and there could be hidden reasons why. You have to sort out the reasons.

The best thing you can do is communicate with each other and get to the bottom of the problem. You can’t just fix the surface and that’s it. Make time for sex, this is a must. I know having children, jobs, and other things can make you not have time but, you have to find time. Can you take at least one day out of the week where you and your spouse can spend sometime together? Many couple make time for one another and take care of their marriage.

Ladies, you have to put yourself first and make sure you are happy. If you are not happy, your children and husband won’t be happy either. Go to the gym and workout, get a manicure, and look good for your husband. Take some time for yourselves. You’re not being selfish by taking time for you. It would be selfish to be an unhappy mother to your kids and unhappy to your husband.

And you men take time off of work and take care of yourselves. Look good for your wife. Leave work at work at the end of the day and come home happy for your wife and kids.  

Each person has a part they have to do to make it work. One person can’t do it alone. You have to both work together to have a good marriage. Lack of sex in a marriage is more than just lack of sex; it is lack of other things as well.

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